21st World Petroleum Congress

15 - 19 June, 2014, Moscow, Russia

The preparation for the Congress Technical Programme has passed its midpoint at the Programme Committee meeting, which was held on October 2-3, 2012 in Astana. The Chairmen of the Congress Forums have been appointed at the meeting. This event will initiate the start of the “call for papers” process from all countries involved in the production, refining, and consumption of petroleum products. The Programme reflects the most urgent topics concerning the development and improvement of the industry in the coming period. It includes search for solutions to contemporary challenges associated, in particular, with the fact that the growth of global oil reserves largely occurs through the development of remote and capital-intensive oil fields.

Tor Fjaeran, the Chairman of the Congress Programme Committee, has announced Technical Programme’s blocks, Draft Programme structure, Chair Selections by the CPC, Country Distribution and Technical Programme Structure.

More detailed information about the Technical programme may be found in the attached presentation format .ppt (1.16 Mb)



The Eighth Congress was held in Moscow from 13-18 June 1971. The Opening and Closing Cereminies of the Eighth Congress and a reception took place in the Palace of Congress, while the Rossia Hotel was a venue for registration and the technical sessions. The Congress was officially opened by Frederick Rossini, the President of the WPC, after M. F. Efremov, the Duputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. In Moscow 5, 069 participants from 58 countries presented 169 papers. Twenty-two main tours were organized, and an additional 17 tours were arranged because of the high level of demand. A total of 1, 829 people from 41 countries took part in the technical tours to various research institutes and training establishments. The most popular tours were to Leningrad, Central Asia, Volgograd, Baku and multi-centre Tbilisi-Erevan-Sochi trip.

bet亚洲娱乐场官网The 21st WPC will be conducted in Moscow from the 15-19 June, 2014. It is expected to be the largest event in the history of the WPC. Certainly, one of the factors determining the distinctive significance of the 21st WPC is the host country: Russia has been and remains one of the largest producers of hydrocarbons in the world. Still, organizers of the Moscow Congress are applying extra effort to increase its representativeness and number of attendees. In particular, it has been decided that the plenary sessions’ presentations will be simultaneously translated into Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, and Russian.

The world oil market has been unstable and volatile lately. Prices have been going up and down, making some oil exporters feel nervous. But experts say that while things may appear okay now, what’s more important is the long-term outlook. They say the planet is running out of easily accessible resources, and it will soon become way harder and more expensive to get them. One of these experts is the President of the World Petroleum Council, Renato Bertani.


AstanaOn October 1-3, 2012, the regular meetings of the World Petroleum Council, which currently consists of 66 member countries, the Programme Committee of the 21st World Petroleum Congress (WPC), and the Executive Committee of the World Petroleum Council, will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Arkady DvorkovichThe Russian Government has declared its patronage over the preparatory phase and organizational procedures of the 21st WPC. The head of the Russian Government has signed an Act establishing the Organizing Committee of the 21st WPC to be chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation A. Dvorkovich.

bet亚洲娱乐场官网Organizers are ready to undergo all of the necessary formalities to ensure the adherence to all of the required conditions within the framework of the rules enacted by the WPC, in cooperation with the National  Committees, the Executive Council of the WPC, the Congress Programme Committee and the Secretariat of the WPC.

Crocus Expo Official inauguration of Crocus Expo first pavilion was held on March 18, 2004 and became the main event of the year in the sphere of the exhibition industry which attracted great attention of state officials, press and business representatives. In particular, Aras Agalarov, the President of , Boris Gromov, the Governor of the Moscow Region, and Andrey Kaz’min, the President and the attended the ceremony.

Salambek Khadzhievbet亚洲娱乐场官网Upon giving his expert evaluation of the Technical Programme of the 21st World Petroleum Congress, which will take place in June 2014 in Moscow, the most significant authority in the field of petrochemistry and refining, Academician Salambek Khadzhiev, states that this document wholly reflects the current state of the art and development prospects for the global petroleum industry, that is formulates topical challenges at the global level and incorporates all aspects of the most complex sector of the world economy. The issue concerning the development of Arctic Shelf hydrocarbon resources has been included in the programme final form, as well as questions topical for Russian industry and science, regarding refining and petrochemistry, as proposed by the Russian Programme Committee.

In the opinion of Academician Khadzhiev, it is important for Russia to discuss new technologies for downstream processing with oilmen of the world, as this remains one of most pertinent country's problems. But Russia has the opportunity to turn this lag to its advantage: today, new processes are being developed – more effective and less ecologically damaging than those which have been launched in the US and Western Europe in recent decades.

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