21st World Petroleum Congress

15 - 19 June, 2014, Moscow, Russia

21st WPC Opening Ceremony and Dinner

Sunday 15 June 19.00-20.15

At the state Kremlin Palace

Welcome Speeches by:

  • H.E. Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Russian Federation
  • Dr Renato Bertani, President, World Petroleum Council
  • Vladimir Evtushenkov, Chair of the WPC Russian National Committee
  • H.E. Mohammed Al Sada, Minister of Energy, Qatar

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Plenary Sessions

OPENING PLENARY - Energy strategies for a growing world
bet亚洲娱乐场官网 Monday 16 June 09.00-10.00 (PL-Hall)

With a current world population of 7bn people, growing to at least 9bn by 2050, the world is going to need more energy. Key industry leaders will address the challenges ahead for the industry and the strategies to provide reliable energy supply to all.

Session Chair: H.E Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas, India
Plenary Speakers:

H.E Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Russian Federation
Igor Sechin, CEO, Rosneft, Russian Federation
Rex Tillerson, Chairman, Exxon Mobil Corporation, USA


WPC Excellence Awards
Monday 16 June 13.15-14.00 (PL-Hall)

Keynote Address by: Vladimir Evtushenkov, Chair of the WPC Russian National Committee
  Technical Innovation:               for SMEs and Majors & NOCs
  Social Responsibility                 for SMEs and Majors & NOCs
  Special Youth Award for best paper or poster at the Congress


INAUGURAL SESSION - Russian petroleum industry perspectives

Monday 16 June 14.15-15.45 (PL-Hall)

Session Chair: H.E Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Russian Federation
Plenary Speakers: H.E. Abdalla Salem El-Badri, Secretary General, OPEC
Igor Sechin,
CEO, Rosneft, Russian Federation
Alexey Miller,
CEO, Gazprom,Russian Federation
Vagit Alekperov, CEO, Lukoil, Russian Federation

Inaugural Keynote:   Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation


PL03 - The industry’s role in promoting development
bet亚洲娱乐场官网 Tuesday 17 June 08.30-09.30 (PL-Hall)

The world is relying on industry's contributions to create a better, wealthier, healthier future for all people. But it also demands that industry make those contributions through operations that are safe, secure, and environmentally responsible. By bringing together people, technology, and business drivers, industry delivers on performance while maintaining focus on safety and protection of the environment in supporting economic growth and improving standards of living.

Session Chair: Daniel Yergin, Vice Chair, IHS, and Pulitzer Prize Winner for “The Prize”, USA
Plenary Speakers:

Bob Dudley, CEO, BP, UK
Jose Alcides Santoro Martins, Director, Gas & Energy and Member of the Board, Petrobras, Brazil


PL04 - Science and technology: energising the future

Tuesday 17 June 09.30-10.30 (PL-Hall)
Science and technology have provided the ability to supply the energy needs of a growing world economy.  New technologies aim not only to find and extract natural resources, but also to reduce the environmental footprint of their utilization, and tackle such issues as energy efficiency, carbon dioxide capture and disposal, cost reduction.

Session Chair: H.E Suhail Mohamed  Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy, UAE
Plenary Speakers: Helge Lund, CEO, Statoil, Norway
Samir Brikho, CEO, AMEC, UK


PL05 - New frontiers in conventional and unconventional oil and gas

Tuesday 17 June 13.00-14.00 (PL-Hall)
Oil and gas industry continues to generate opportunities via technological innovations to enhance its success in accessing resources to meet global demand. The challenge is to develop cost-effective means to recover more conventional resources, and to unlock unconventional resources.

Session Chair: Li Fanrong, CEO and President, CNOOC Limited, China
Plenary Speakers: Mr Eulogio Antonio del Pino Díaz, Vice-president of Exploration and Production, PDVSA, Venezuela
Yves-Louis Darricarrere, President, Total Exploration & Production, France


PL06 – Meeting Stakeholder Requirements: “License to Operate”
bet亚洲娱乐场官网 Wednesday 18 June 08.30-09.30 (PL-Hall)

The demand for energy around the world is undoubtedly growing. At the same time, there is increased attention at how resources are developed from the public. The need for energy, vital for economic development and progress, must be met while addressing environmental and social impacts associated with increasing demand for energy resources. Some of these challenges and expectations include minimizing operational footprint, HSE and risk management through operational excellence, corporate social responsibility, and changing public sentiment.

Session Chair: B Ashok, Chairman Designate, Indian Oil Corporation, India
Plenary Speakers: Antonio Brufau, Chairman, Repsol, Spain
Javier Gutierrez Pemberthy, CEO, Ecopetrol, Colombia


PL07 –Sustainable financing of the industry
bet亚洲娱乐场官网 Wednesday 18 June 09.30-10.30 (PL-Hall)

Session Chair: Anita George, Senior Director of the World Bank Group Energy and Extractives Global Practice, World Bank, USA
Plenary Speakers:

József Molnár, Group CEO, MOL, Hungary
Greg Roder, Executive Vice President Strategy and Growth, Woodside, Australia
Mikhail Shamolin, CEO, AFK Sistema, Russia


PL08 – The new producer-consumer balance
Wednesday 18 June 13.00-14.00 (PL-Hall)

Session Chair: Zack Henry, Director, Energy Dialogue, IEF
Plenary Speakers: H.E. Abdalla Salem El-Badri, Secretary General, OPEC
Keisuke Sadamori, Director, Energy Markets and Security, IEA


PL09 –Aiming towards a perfect record in safety and environment
Thursday 19 June 08.30-09.30 (PL-Hall)

bet亚洲娱乐场官网Safety plays a central role in industry's operations and a cultural component of corporate social responsibility.  Safety is a culture, leadership influences culture, and culture derives behavior. Leaders have to set expectations, build structures that support safety efforts, and teach others the same. They create a working environment in which safe behaviors are consistently reinforced and rewarded. A culture where employees are not only meeting safety requirements but working to identify where they can be further improved. Industry must continue to work together to share all that we know of safety, and develop as many ways as possible to share process information and techniques.

Session Chair: Sigve Knudsen, Executive Vice President, Petroleum Safety Authority, Norway
Plenary Speakers: Chayong Borisuitsawat, Acting Senior Vice President, Safety, Security, Health & Environment Division of PTTEP, Thailand
Simon Durkin, VP Safety, Enviroment & Social Perfomance, Shell, Netherlands


PL10 –Geopolitical cooperation: ensuring long term energy sustainability
bet亚洲娱乐场官网 Thursday 19 June 09.30-10.30 (PL-Hall)

Session Chair: Dr Renato Bertani, President, World Petroleum Council
Plenary Speakers: Alexander Novak, Minister of Energy, Russia
Besim Şişman
CEO, Turkish Petroleum Corporation, Turkey
Hosnia Hashim, Vice President, Operations, Kufpec, Kuwait


PL11 –Raising the Bar on Governance and Ethical Standards
Thursday 19 June 13.00-14.00 (PL-Hall)

Working together to meet the energy needs of a growing world economy requires relationships built on mutual trust, respect, and understanding of cultural and political differences of all stakeholders.

Session Chair: Joe Saddi, Senior Partner and the Managing Director of Strategy&, PwC
Plenary Speakers:

Randi Martinsen, President, AAPG USA
Sunil Kumar Srivastava, Chairman & Managing Director, Oil India Limited,  India


Dewhurst Lecture and Award
Thursday 19 June 16.00-16.45 (PL-Hall)

Dewhurst Recipient: HE Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, Chairman of the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority and Former Deputy Prime Minister of Qatar

Media and Events Partners

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