21st World Petroleum Congress

15 - 19 June, 2014, Moscow, Russia


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You can download pdf version  Activities in the WPC Youth Lounge and Social Responsibility Global Village (200 kb)

Join us for the Youth programme of the 21st World Petroleum Congress in Moscow on 15-19 June 2014

You can have your say and contribute to the issues to be discussed at the 21st World Petroleum Congress and its Youth programme at the WPC Youth Connect discussion platform:

bet亚洲娱乐场官网More than 300 students, PhD researchers and young professionals in the energy sector from around the world will have the opportunity to engage with 5000 industry leaders and 25,000 visitors gathering for the 21st World Petroleum Congress in Moscow on  15-19 June 2014. The 21st WPC Youth Programme is open to people 35 years old and younger.

The main theme of the Youth programme is “Responsibly Energising a Growing World: Role of the Youth”bet亚洲娱乐场官网 and will be divided into three blocks:

  1. Unconventional look at the energy future
  2. Environmental protection as future generation’s crucial challenge
  3. Education and Careers in the energy industry: join us today

bet亚洲娱乐场官网You can submit an abstract for the Congress and have the chance to be selected as an official presenter and even receive an Excellence Award for Youth, at the Congress you will be able to attend a special Youth Debate take part in the daily discussion sessions and leadership training in the central youth lounge area. As well, youth delegates will meet global energy leaders, attend technical tours and social event, and benefit from networking with peers.

The call for papers is open till September, 17 2013 at

If you would like to become a volunteer for the Congress, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“Responsibly Energising a Growing World: role of the Youth”

I. Unconventional look at the energy future

Issues to discuss:

bet亚洲娱乐场官网- What is the necessary regulatory framework that will facilitate the development of unconventional resources?

- Are the current institutional frameworks/ business models adequate to address the future energy challenges within the changing world dynamics?

- How can the potential of energy efficiency be tapped, what incentives should be created and by whom?

- Renewables are intensely marketed to the public, should the oil & gas industry adjust its communication strategy?

- How will decisions in the developing countries, due to changes in the energy balance, impact the energy industry?

bet亚洲娱乐场官网- What are the challenges of developing Arctic resources?

- The necessity of international cooperation and best practice sharing in developing unconventional resources’ projects

bet亚洲娱乐场官网- To what extent too short term interests of the industry harm its long term prospective?

bet亚洲娱乐场官网- According to the IEA we are well on our way to reach a 2 degree global temperature increase by 2017. By applying the adequate energy efficiency measures we can delay this to 2022. How should we address this issue as the energy industry?


II. Environmental and social protection as future generation’s crucial challenge

bet亚洲娱乐场官网Issues to discuss:

- How to manage the huge water consumption related to energy production?

- What environmental challenges do we face while developing offshore projects, Arctic resources?

- Will new transportation projects (transnational pipelines) do harm to the environment and how to mitigate these negative impacts?

- What does sustainable energy mean in 2014?

bet亚洲娱乐场官网- How will the perception of the general public impact the energy industry?

- Social corporate responsibility of the major energy companies

- Good government investments in new energy sources

- Raising social awareness of the innovative technologies in the petroleum industry

- Community engagement in the energy industry development: best practice sharing, guidelines

III. Education and Career in the energy industry: join us today

bet亚洲娱乐场官网Issues to discuss:

- 'Unconventional perspectives' on gender/diversity issues

bet亚洲娱乐场官网- How to attract talents to the industry?

bet亚洲娱乐场官网- Ending and emerging careers in energy industry?

- Unconventional approaches and education for solving new challenges: creative, non-standard ways of thinking, new trainings, role of mentoring programs

bet亚洲娱乐场官网- How should global youth cooperation look today?

- Role of the social media for communicating the real image of the petroleum industry

- Leadership skills necessary for joining the industry

bet亚洲娱乐场官网- Best practice and career sharing

This is not a closed list of topics, other ideas of students and young professionals in the energy industry are very welcome and can be submitted soon at

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